Brochure Printing

Brochure Printing

Affordable Brochure Printing

Get quality brochure printing at competitive prices with zero compromise on finish and durability. For full-colour, commercial promotion solutions, including travel, catalogue and magazine brochure printing, Same Day Print can offer comprehensive services with quick turnaround time and at prices that will suit your budget. How? We have been in the business for many years, which means we have the right tools and access to the most affordable consumables, so we are able to pass the savings on to you.

Company Brochure

At Same Day Print, we are industry leaders when it comes to comprehensive company brochure printing solutions. Having provided seamless service to countless companies across a wide variety of industries over the years, we have gained the knowledge and expertise required to offer a beautifully finished product that keeps our clients coming back time after time. From real estate brochure printing, to smaller information leaflets and mini brochure printing for churches, charities, schools and more, we take the hassle out of printing and designing custom brochures.

Product Brochure

From pocket brochure printing to fold-out brochure solutions, we have a full range of product brochure options for business of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are promoting skincare products, fishing supplies, food and beverage items, apparel, electronics, or any other type of product for that matter, we are able to create a memorable leave-behind that will keep doing the selling long after you’ve left the building.

Corporate Brochure

Why invest in business brochure printing, you may ask yourself? Well, are you trying to grow your business? Because professional brochure distribution is one of the best ways to reach a wide audience and let them know about your goods or services. At Same Day Print, we can vouch for the fact that even in the age of advanced technology, marketing brochures remain singularly effective in spreading the word about any given company.

Short-Run Catalogue Printing

If you’re looking for a professional short run catalogue printing company, you’ve come to the right place. At Same Day Print, we offer a wide variety of paper and binding options along with exceptional design and customer service. With our short-run catalogues, you can keep your sales material fresh as we are able to print in smaller quantities. This means you can update important information like names, dates, prices on your glossy brochures, fold-out brochures & more.

Brochure VS Booklet: Folds & Pages Demystified

Finding the best brochure format for your unique requirements can be a little tricky, especially when you take into account that the number of folds and pages on a given brochure are two different things. For instance, a 5-fold brochure and a 5-page brochure are not the same thing – folds refer to the number of times the original piece of paper is folded to create a compact shape, while the number of pages refer to the separate sides and ‘compartments’ these folds create once it has been applied to the page.

One of the most commonly used brochure layouts is the tri-fold brochure. Here is a bit more information about this marketing staple:

Tri-Fold Brochure

Tri-fold brochures are, as the name suggests, folded into three sections that form a Z shape, or zig zag. Also referred to as a z-fold brochure, a tri-fold brochure provides a total of six different printed sides. Compact and concise, these printed units allow for a lot of information to be accessed quickly and easily. It is also more environmentally friendly since less paper is used to create these brochures.

If you required information on the benefits and applications of a 2-fold brochure, 4-fold brochure, 6-page brochure printing and more, feel free to reach out to the Asset Print team. There are a wide variety of brochure layouts available and once we know what your marketing goals are, we will be able to recommend the one best suited to your needs.

What are you waiting for? Our seasoned team of printing experts are on hand to assist with you from start to finish, so whether it’s full-colour brochures or black and white brochures you require, let’s get the ball rolling and start spreading the word about your goods or services ASAP.


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