Manufacturing of Plastic Bags and Packaging Sheets in Johannesburg

Plastic bags manufacturing Johannesburg: Packaging has been the need of human kind from early time for storing, transporting and preserving foods, goods and other products. With the dramatic innovation of technology, the interaction between people from different areas, different countries increase and demand of trading rises day by day, packaging in a most convenience way is necessary and vital. Thus Plastic bag manufacturing becomes imperative as an excellent solution to meet that demand.

Plastic comes as a by-product of oil refining, and uses only about 4% of the total world’s oil production. It is a ‘biogeochemical’ manipulation of certain properties of oil, into polymers, that behave ‘plastically.’ Plastic polymers are manufactured into 5 main types, of which, plastic bags are made of the type known as Polyethylene. From polyethylene, resins are produced and come straight into production of plastic bags.

With special types needed for different purposes such as food plastic bags, butcher’s bag, shopper plastic bags, luxurious plastic bags etc. manufacturers like Same Day Printing And  Packaging, 100% virgin resins are used to make the best quality plastic bags: strong, smooth and with nice appearance. Customers who also require other film colors of plastic bags for impressive looks are also provided with their choice. Manufacturers add master batches (color resins) to change from transparent to different colors. In some case, manufacturers add an additive called impact modifier to make bags strong. When customers require plastic bags which can be destroyed easily in lands, biodegradable additives such as EPI or DW2 are added to the resins with when extruding.

Plastic manufacturing include blowing film or extruding film. Here, all the materials is sent to an extruding machine to make big plastic film roll. During this stage, workers must ensure the bag rolls into smooth appearance.

The second step is printing process which is mainly used for plastic shopping bags which many companies could customize the printing image with their logo, brand name, information about products etc. When getting orders with printing image, manufacturers will create printing plates (printing cylinders) to put into printing machines. Images are analyzed into different colors which are then brilliantly printed on the plastic bag.

The third step is cutting and sealing process. The plastic rolls are cut into different shapes and handles based on customer preference and purpose. There are a lot of cutting machines available for different purposes: soft loop, patch handle, rigid, flat merchandise, etc

For special ones such as drawstring plastic handle bags, rigid plastic handle bags, soft loop plastic handle bags, they usually require some manual steps which cannot be implemented by automatic machine. In manual workshop, workers have to sew the handles into the bags, putting the cardboard into gussets (customized according to customer’s requirement), punching the hole etc.

Same Day Printing And  Packaging is a packaging factory with a factory in Johannesburg and has been wonderfully catering to the packaging industry. We manufacture Plastic Bags, Sheets and Tubes. In short, our products have a wide range and cater to a wide spectrum of needs.

We manufacture Plastic Bags, Sheets and Tubes. We offer a wide variety of products in each of these categories and cater to a wide spectrum of needs. The needs of our customers is top priority and we aim to keep our customers satisfied with our goods as well as our service. Our products are renowned, among the top distributors, for their quality and good value. CT Packaging is also well known for having a wide range of diverse products of which we are very proud.

Manufacturing our Products

We use state of the art equipment to manufacture our products, with extra emphasis placed on quality. Our strict adherence to quality and top-notch service has won us the favourable reviews of several customers, and repeat business is common.


Quality management includes choice of high quality raw materials, state of the art equipment and trained personnel. As a result, our products are exceptional, durable and very strong.


What’s more is that our prices are very competitive amongst our competitors, and quality is guaranteed. Punctuality is as important to us as it is to our clients. We believe in delivering quality product batches on time, on budget and within deadlines. Our happy and satisfied clients are our best advertisement, and they can attest to our reliability.


Our vision

Same Day Print is a spirited and innovative packaging solutions company. Our business journey is one of respect and integrity, driven by our passion for excellence. We are fully invested in our customers, our people, our community and our planet.

Our unique approach is to develop a long-term partnership with our customers, optimising solutions fit for our customers’ needs. We have the full ambit of flexible packaging solutions available, suitable for almost every requirement.

What we stand for

We are committed to operate to the highest hygiene, health and food safety standards, and are a BRC certified packaging supplier.

We are environmentally conscious company and aim to reduce both our eco footprint (and that of our customers, where possible & applicable). Searching for more environmentally-friendly solutions without adversely affection the primary function of the packaging. We run a good proportion of our factory and our entire office off solar power, and have recycling initiatives throughout our operation.


We manufacture Polyprop (Woven) Bags from 5kg – 2000kg weight specifications! All our Polyprop Bag material is tested in an up to standard testing facility to ensure strong material which is used to manufacture you, the clients, packaging (Bags) and ensures that you receive a good quality strong bag. Trunel Bags Bulk Bags are cleaned and checked by a quality controller at the end of each production line to ensure a clean and strong Bulk Bag for each customer. Printing are available on our Polyprop Bag range.

Boutique/ retail bags.

ITB manufactures a wide range of loop and patch handle bags predominantly used by large retail outlets. Printing up to ten colours ensures exceptional quality and eye-catching products that maximise marketing potential.

Form, fill & seal bags.

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) & biaxially orientate polypropylene (BOPP) film is used for form, fill & seal applications, primarily used in the food industry. The co-extruders enable ITB Plastics to achieve a variety of properties required for different foodstuffs.

Security bags.

Co-extruded film is used to produce opaque security and courier bags that are used by various customers throughout South Africa and abroad. These products can either be finished with tape or a glue tape depending on the final product.

Carrier bags.

An ITB creation, the No Problem Marketing® Carrier bag features two moulded plastic handles made from eco-friendly recycled material. Thanks to the sturdy construction features listed below, this product is ideal for creative marketing campaigns.

We're the business print specialists

At Same Day Print, we have 60 years experience in the print industry, building a reputation for fast, personalised service and high quality print and design. Our print facilities, design skills and service levels have helped thousands of businesses grow. And with Centres across the country, you have access to a print specialist close to you.

Fast printing

Same Day Print is renowned for their ability to complete jobs quickly. As the experts in print, we know all the best ways to meet your deadlines efficiently and effectively.

Same day printing

Urgent job? You need it when? Same-day printing need not be stressful when you turn to your local Snap Centre.

Print design service

Same Day Print’s fully trained graphic designers will help ensure your print materials deliver the impact and appeal you’re looking for.

Digital printing

As a leading innovator within the print industry, Same Day Print introduced digital printing to South Africa back in the 2000’s. This revolution changed the face of production, cost, speed and quality of print jobs. Same Day Print‘s state-of-the-art digital printing technology produces sharp black lines and vibrant colours. Our digital presses are equipped to handle most paper sizes and weights.

Off-set printing

From high-volume retail catalogues to full-colour glossy magazines, Same Day Print can manage all of your off-set printing needs. Offset printing is the most common printing technique for commercial quantities, as the technology allows large volumes to be printed quickly without any variation to colour or ink density. The end result is a consistent, high-quality image with rich, dense tones.

Colour printing

The clever use of colour really makes your print materials – and business – stand out! As your local experts, Same Day Print can help you choose the right solution for your colour print job. Same Day Print has taken great care to source the best inks in the industry for a wide range of applications. The selection of paper also affects the quality of the final product. Your local Snap expert will guide you as to the most suitable paper stock for your job.




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