Vinyl stickers are digitally printed in full-colour on an adhesive vinyl and then automatically cut to almost any shape. The ideal surfaces on which to stick your vinyl stickers are either flat or slightly curved and made from paper, cardboard or plastic (i.e. something relatively hard). Same Day Print offers a broad and comprehensive digital printing service from conceptualization and graphic design to the final product within no more than 2 working days. From clear vinyl to silver finishing’s, we have a wide range of vinyl to choose from.


What Types of Self Adhesive Labels are there?

Below we cover a comprehensive set of label materials and top sheet varieties. These give insight to the various self adhesive label applications and you may find more insight here on what type of label you need.

Paper Labels

Semi-gloss labels are ideal for a diverse range of end-uses including food, pharmaceutical, retail, industrial and product labelling, as these products can be used to create eye-catching multi-colour labels.

Semi-Gloss Piggy-Back
Piggyback label constructions – sometimes referred to as “a label within a label” comprised of a single face stock and two liners. The top layer can be peeled away and affixed to another surface, which helps transfer information after its initial use. Piggyback labels are used in applications such as promotional and coupon labelling as well as direct mail medical/laboratory applications and multi-part continuous forms.

Semi-Gloss Coverall
Coverall materials are typically used for over-labelling errors and updates on the packaging of pre-packed foods, perishable items and stock labelling in the retail sector – the label is lined with a black pigmented permanent adhesive so once applied the information contained beneath the label is not visible.

Polyprop Labels a.k.a.DairyFilm

Dairyfilm / Gloss White Polyprop
White Polypropylene (PP) films are commonly used for labelling tickets or tags in the health & beauty market, such as cosmetics, oils and lotions due to their durability, flexibility and resistance properties. Other end uses include promotional materials, food and beverage containers, and pharmaceutical containers.

A matt white synthetic film made of three plies bi-axially orientated polyethylene. The Syntex label is ideal for relatively tough environments where a durable label is required. This material is often seen on oil containers.

A brand of flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers, a synthetic material particularly useful in environments where high heat is experienced – e.g. on an engine part.

A bi-axially oriented, glossy white polypropylene film with a print receptive coating with an extremely aggressive, permanent, rubber based adhesive specifically designed for use on rough and difficult surfaces – e.g. rubber tyres.

Thermal top barcode/variable information labels

When using paper labels, a thermal transfer ribbon is required to transfer barcode or variable information onto the label (via a barcode printer). Thermal labels do not require a thermal transfer ribbon – the label is chemically treated to incorporate thermal properties. The advantage is speed as there is no longer any downtime required to replace thermal transfer ribbons on the barcode printer. The disadvantage is the variable information printed on the label fades over time, especially when subjected to UV light.

Direct Thermal Economy
Top barrier-coated, chemi-thermal paper with standard sensitivity best suited for dry environments and on fast moving consumer goods

Direct Thermal Top
As per above, with higher quality and longer lasting print

Thermal Top Piggy-Back
Piggyback label constructions – sometimes referred to as “a label within a label” comprised of a single face stock and two liners. The top layer can be peeled away and affixed to another surface, which helps transfer information after its initial use. Piggyback labels are used in applications such as promotional and coupon labelling as well as direct mail medical/laboratory applications and multi-part continuous forms.

It is either applied to the entire surface or to a specific area of the label design, such as a logo in order to highlight a feature of a label design. The result is a glossy or matte luxurious appearance. A void can also be created (area where no varnish applied) to allow for thermal transfer over printing of batch data.

Aqueous Varnish, also known as water-based varnish, is among the most commonly used coatings available today.  Available in gloss or matte finish, this varnish does a good job protecting inks against abrasion and rub resistance.  It also resists yellowing, which is common with unprotected labels that have been in storage for a while.  Because they seal the ink from the air, aqueous varnishes can help prevent metallic inks from tarnishing.  Specially formulated aqueous coatings can be written on with a number two pencil or overprinted using a laser jet printer.  These are generally considered to be one of the most sustainable coating options available today because the formulas are nontoxic in the pressroom, and treated paper can be recycled in standard municipal systems without emitting harmful by-products.  The clean-up process does not require toxic cleaning detergents, nor does it necessitate high temperatures (e.g. added energy) for drying.

Ultraviolet Varnish offers more protection than aqueous coatings.  UV varnishes are applied in line and then exposed to ultraviolet light to polymerize and harden the coating, with zero emissions.  When UV is used on deep, rich colours, like blues and rich blacks, the result is an almost wet appearance.  This can be highly effective with image-rich projects.  The stunning shine it creates is why it is so popular for certain designs and products.  UV varnishes can either be applied across the entire page or on a spot basis.  The coatings are available in a gloss or matte and have a wide variety of specialty finishes, including glitter, tints and even different scents.  UV coatings should be used in conjunction with UV inks to help reduce the potential for drying and surface problems.

Specialty Varnishes can enhance labels with a variety of different effects.  Soft-Touch is a tactile aqueous coating that is very pleasing to the sense of touch and exhibits an ultra-matte appearance.  The combination of these two effects is visually stunning and brings new dimensions to label appearance.  There are a wide variety of different specialty varnishes available today. Find more here.

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From high-volume retail catalogues to full-colour glossy magazines, Same Day Print can manage all of your off-set printing needs. Offset printing is the most common printing technique for commercial quantities, as the technology allows large volumes to be printed quickly without any variation to colour or ink density. The end result is a consistent, high-quality image with rich, dense tones.

Colour printing

The clever use of colour really makes your print materials – and business – stand out! As your local experts, Same Day Print can help you choose the right solution for your colour print job. Same Day Print has taken great care to source the best inks in the industry for a wide range of applications. The selection of paper also affects the quality of the final product. Your local Snap expert will guide you as to the most suitable paper stock for your job.




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